Oct. 2016


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Double U Double U Double U Dot Amazing Back Slash Awesome.

Hey there online amigos and amigas.

We’re happy to report that a brand spanking new LSO website is on its way from cyberspace to you.

More features, more insight, more info, more finger clickin’ goodness awaits. Here’s a preview.

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Remember the great DIM-pression of January 2015? Oh NO…We’re DIMMED again!

Have you heard the news? While the United States is dominated by FedEx, UPS and the USPS, Regional Parcel Carriers are becoming a popular option for many shippers. This is compounded by the upcoming DIM increase by FedEx starting on Jan. 2nd?

Again, FedEx is lowering the dimensional weight (DIM) divisor from 166 to 139, effectively bumping up the weight and price of parcels – your parcels.

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Your shipping costs are like your golf score: Lower is better.

Okay, so we can’t help you save some strokes on your game. But we can totally show you some simple tips for saving big time on shipping expenses.

Take a look at these suggestions and watch your shipping costs go down, down, down.

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Customer Case Study: Medical supply leader relies on LSO to keep their bottom line healthy.

Medical Specialties Distributors (MSD), a leading purveyor of medical supplies and biomedical equipment, provides their product to caregivers for in-home patients and for post-acute care facilities.

Many of MSD’s customers require hand delivery of products “over the threshold” into the residence. Here’s how LSO helps MSD provide great care, and enjoy great savings.


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Why should you get LSO? Because LSO gets you.

At LSO, we’ve built our business on adapting to our customers’ business.

We develop a tailored approach for your geographical region, enabling us to provide fully customized shipping solutions and more direct routes that meet your exact needs.

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LSO Folks are what make LSO.


Meet a man who has driven more than 25 years and hundreds of thousands of miles for LSO.

Gerard, Congratulations for your exemplary work! We truly appreciate you and the many years of dedication.
Here are some fun facts about Gerard:





LOL from LSO.

At LSO, we also know how to deliver a punchline.

We hope the following brings you a little mirth to brighten your day. If it doesn’t, we’ll give the writer a good talking to.

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