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Time for Shippers to Be Smart about DIM Charges


The Final (Dim) Countdown (194…166…139…???)

Regional Parcel Carriers: The Right Choice for your Business?

Perhaps the most significant change announced by FedEx is that fuel surcharges for FedEx Express and FedEx Ground will be adjusted on a weekly basis instead of the current process in which adjustments are made on a monthly basis with a two-month lag between U.S. government published fuel indexes and the fuel surcharges.

When one domino falls, another is sure to follow. That could be an apt way of describing recent rate hike announcements by the express delivery and parcel shipping duopoly of UPS and FedEx.

How Much Is the FedEx Rate Change REALLY Going to Cost Me?

With each year’s General Rate Increase announcement, shippers inevitably ask, “How much is this really going to cost me?” This year, it got quite a bit harder to answer that question for FedEx shippers.

To help shippers understand the impact of the 2017 GRI, Parcel magazine explored the impact of the dimensional weight change in some detail, and then review overall price increases, selected changes in surcharges, and compare the FedEx announcement to UPS planned increases in 2017. Click here to access the article