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12 Ideas to Lower Shipping Costs.

Do you put extra stamps on your envelopes with the hope they'll arrive faster? 

Would you knowingly spend $25 to send a package that would have arrived a day earlier for only $5? Sometimes, you do get what you pay for, but when it comes to shipping packages, you can often pay more for less! Today, reducing shipping charges is critical to the success of an organization.

Many times, the savings goes right to the bottom line. If you're passing on the charges to your customers, the cost of shipping could be the difference between your company getting the order or your competitor getting it.

A recent Forrester survey of 5,831 online shoppers found that 82% of respondents consider shipping costs paramount to their buying decisions. And there are at least a dozen ways that shippers large and small can reduce their freight costs. 

Of particular importance, now more than ever, companies actually have an alternative to the 2 global carriers - you have a CHOICE. You owe it to yourself to "Compare and Utilize Multiple Carriers."

  1. Consolidate
  2. Shop Your Dates
  3. Compare and Utilize Multiple Carriers
  4. Negotiate for Better Rates
  5. Do Not Over-Service Your Customer's Expectations
  6. Get Control Over Your Express Costs
  7. Understand the Carrier's Service Language and Promise
  8. Charge Your Customers for Shipping and Handling
  9. Never Pay for Shipping and Handling
  10. Watch the Accessorials
  11. Audit Your Carrier Invoices
  12. Measure Twice, Cut Once
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