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LSO’s Master Contractor Solution

Why LSO? What’s the Opportunity?

The Master Contractor Solution from LSO has been built from the ground-up to provide you with consistency, increased flexibility and remodeled considerations in settlement through an equitable relationship with LSO.

YOU – the Master Contractor – define the ability to decide the methods, manner and means in which you meet your specific business objectives.

So... Who is LSO?

Customers Now Have an Alternative to the Global Carriers.

Here’s the LSO Advantage:

  • Substantial Savings – Improve your bottom-line through reduced overall shipping costs
  • Your Home for Express Shipping – Save up to 25% or more on your Overnight Shipping
  • On-Time and in Good Condition – 99% On-Time deliveries plus reduced handling & damage
  • Customized, Flexible Pick-up Times – Improve productivity with later pick-up times
  • Fewer Fees & Surcharges – Fewer accessorial fees and lower surcharges than national carriers
  • Real People – To answer your calls and solve your problems
  • Faster Transit Times – With a larger next-day delivery footprint

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